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I have also collaborated with global teams to produce high-quality reports adhering to corporate branding guidelines and tone-of-voice..


At ING, the international consumer economics team produced three major waves of survey data a year, canvassing 15,000 consumers over the age of 18 in 15 countries, across Europe, the USA and Australia.


We asked about their feelings on personal finance issues from savings to investments, homes and mortgages - and even mobile and emerging technologies in the financial services space.


This resulted, typically, in six 20-page publicly-released reports a year, targeting media (accompanied by social media promotional campaigns) as well as internal audiences looking to develop new products and services.

Digital versions were hosted on the ING eZonomics website [pictured, right]. 

Copies of the reports can be downloaded below.


I have also assisted PR firms with drafting and editing professional communications documents and reports.

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