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News - 15 February 2008

NetApp kicks off partner business planning

Vendor investment in reseller strategies around storage sales

Fleur Doidge (ARN)15 February, 2008 13:01

Network Appliance has launched a scheme aimed at assisting resellers to develop an effective strategy for boosting revenue and build better, stronger business around its storage offering.

Partner and public sector sales director Scott Morris said it was working with channel partners to develop individual business plans as part of a Partner Business Planning scheme that kicked off in the first week of February.

The $40,000 scheme kicks off with whole-day meetings held individually with all five Australia-based Platinum Partners to nut out specific goals and strategies for each relationship.

NetApp would follow up and review progress with each partner monthly and quarterly to ensure objectives were reached, Morris said.

"We want to avoid the tendency to follow a process and not actually get value out of doing an actual physical business plan," he said. "Anybody can fill in the blanks in an Excel spreadsheet." . .


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