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News - 27 January 2020 (LeftFootForward)

Another Daily Mail editor gears up to manage scrutiny of No. 10 Ex-journalists from right-wing newspapers shepherded into Tory positions of power and public influence.

Don’t be surprised if the Tories veer further right post-Brexit: Boris Johnson looks set for a cabinet reshuffle with a press strategy massaged by a couple of ex-Daily Mail editors.

Jack Doyle, associate political editor at the Mail, is set to replace current press secretary Rob Oxley working alongside former colleague James Slack. As reported by Alex Wickham for Buzzfeed UK, this means Doyle and Slack will be key points of contact for media enquiries about political issues.

“BuzzFeed News understands that Doyle has been lined up as the first key appointment ahead of a cabinet reshuffle after the UK leaves the EU on January 31, as well as a wider shake-up of Whitehall departments and senior advisers,” writes Wickham.

Doyle worked for the Daily Mail for 10 years and was a leader writer — a senior journalist who writes articles representing the editor’s voice — for both Geordie Greig and Paul Dacre, notes Wickham. There’s analysis of the Daily Mail‘s typical position here.

Slack was also official spokesperson for previous prime minister Theresa May.

Oxley will become Dominic Raab’s special adviser in a Foreign Office that’s to be merged with the Department for International Development, according to The Sun on Saturday.

According to The Sun’s James Forsyth, Johnson’s ...

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