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News round-up - 27 December 2019 (LeftFootForward)

Our 10 top articles against austerity, poverty and inequality in 2019

Left Foot Forward's 10 most-read articles this year reflect citizens' concerns about our divided politics and society. By Josiah Mortimer & Fleur Doidge

It has been a rough year for many on the progressive left — so it’s no surprise that the most read stories on Left Foot Forward this year represent a litany of injustice and inequality, as well as avoidance of responsibility by those in power.

Which 10 news stories got you engaged in 2019? What did we miss? Let us know underneath, or on email, Twitter or Facebook.

10. Lib Dem leadership candidates: Austerity was right and Labour would have done it too – Joe Lo The 10th most-read article on Left Foot Forward this year revealed that already, by June, Lib Dem leadership candidates had refused to reject austerity. A prescient piece, given Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson also refused to work with a Corbyn-led Labour Party.

9. People are missing the point over Corbyn’s refusal to meet the PM – Josiah Mortimer Theresa May was still Prime Minister in January of this year. Even then, she didn’t miss an opportunity to denigrate the opposition for refusing to meet her. Yet what would such a side-show have really achieved?


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