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Chronicling what else I'm writing, in various states of inconclusion


Fantastic! a myth, folklore and fantasy digest

Fantastic, the First: 31 October 2019 - Happy Halloween! PLUS: Tidelands, Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, The Lost Okoroshi, Game of Thrones.

Fantastic, the Second: 30 November 2019 - Winter Solstice PLUS: Y Mabinogi, Arthdal Chronicles, Circe, The Wild Hunt & Wistman's Wood

Fantastic, the Third: 31 December 2019 - Old apple tree, we wassail thee PLUS: Chepstow Wassail & Mari Lwyd, Shōgatsu, witch season, Jinn, The Witcher 

Fantastic, the Fourth: 31 January 2020 - Green Frontier for Imbolc PLUS: Thaipusam, and Charles Christian's Weird Tales Radio Show

Fantastic, the  Fifth: 29 February 2020 - A grim forecast PLUS: Medieval Valentines, The Dead Lands, Hromnice, mad March event listings

Fantastic, the Sixth: 31 March 2020 - Sawasdee from Thailand INCLUDES:  The Legend of Sudsakorn, Ramakien, Krut: The Himmaphan Warriors, and more

Fantastic, the Seventh: 30 April 2020 - Plague, pandemics and pestilence PLUS: Gods and Monsters, 28 Days Later

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